FiA Cherokee Website with Custom Automation

Fia Cherokee Website ScreenShot
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  • FiA Cherokee is a women’s fitness group is Cherokee County, GA. They are part of a national group called FiA Nation
  • Traditionally, the sub-groups of FiA Nation don’t use their own site. This is more of a trial
  • FiA members post their blog posts on the National site

LongBark Approach:

We created a site around the FiA Cherokee logo. That includes colors, logos, shapes, etc. We used some free stock images from Unsplash and some other imagery from their own accounts.

We setup public Facebook pages and linked their private pages. We created Twitter and Instagram accounts with full IFTTT Automation. Meaning, if they post on Instagram, it automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook as well.

With the users posting their blogs on the FiA Nation website, we needed content for the FiA Cherokee site. So we setup an automation that uses RSS to pull the content from the FiA Nation site and syndicate it to the FiA Cherokee site with attribution to the original content.

We are managing the maintenance for the WordPress site, but the client manages the social media and website content.