F3 Cherokee Website and Supporting Services

F3 Cherokee Website ScreenShot
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  • Large established men’s group with an existing website (400+ totals users)
  • Lack of SSL
  • Low Google Search Ranking/ Ratings
  • Used Twitter Groups for communications. Max 50 users meant tons of separate groups
  • 10-15 administrative users to maintain the site and communications
  • Many users (100+) needed to be able to post without logging into WordPress

LongBark Approach:

We first took inventory of the overall site and captured all the existing content. Many of the pictures and text we important to the members and the content was great. It just needed to be migrated to a better solution. We surveyed many in the group and asked for their opinions and recommendations.

First thing was to deploy Slack for communications. We moved F3 Cherokee from about 13 Twitter Groups to 1 Slack (Free Tier). Today, the Slack site has about 250 active members. We manage all the administration of the slack service. We also added automation to Slack using a Custom Slack bot we wrote from scratch and using IFTTT. News, Tweets, and other web based information is pumped directly into Slack without and involvement.

For the Site, we built a new WordPress site from our preferred template. We migrated all the previous posts over from the old site to ensure nothing was lost. We also setup a front end submission so that users can submit posts from a website without logging into WordPress. Today, they post 8-15 posts PER DAY! Posts are pushed into Slack for the users to read and pushed to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for marketing and visibility.

Today, we still manage all their Social Media, Slack Administration, and WordPress Maintenance and Content.